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We welcome customers of all styles and interests. We’re here for complete beginners or advanced riders of any age. We treat everybody how we would like to be treated ourselves. We believe that all our products and services reflect that.

When we started this project we knew almost nothing about boardsports. We liked the spirit of boardriding and had passion for helping people and bringing something new to this industry, something revolutionary. We got in touch with the best innovative manufactures and put together our first collection of longboards, bags and safety gear. Please check out our shop and choose the unique product which best suits your needs and personality.


  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • Original design

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Hi, From Gabi & Zuzi

"We are one happy team and we want to make our customers happy too. Join us in the Insane Frog Club and become part of the Insane Frog family."

From the creators

In our longboards collection we offer two different shapes of decks in three different series. We only supply complete Longboards, which saves you the trouble of choosing individual components. We tried hard to combine the best price and quality as well as the most ideal combination of the chosen components. Every single one of the three available series - Custom, Brake and Pro - has got its own specific features and is simply amazing.

Insane frog team

The first series is called CUSTOM. This is obviously just a posh name to impress customers. :) In our terminology, however, it means that every customer picks their own unique model, which has got an unrepeatable graphic design on the deck produced in one and only original. The new happy owner receives a certificate of the originality. That means the same model is not replicated and will never again appear in our range.

BRAKE, the second series, has got the same shaped deck as CUSTOM. The original design is produced in a low number editions and each board is clearly numbered. That means you know exactly how many pieces are in the edition and which number yours is. The most exciting thing about this longboard, however, is its integrated disk brake, which allows control of your speed for safety and comfort. The braking system is an Australian patent inspired by the car industry. This model is ideal for hilly terrain and narrow paths, where it's impossible to slide. A longboard from this series is also ideal for your commute.

The third PRO series is designed for the most demanding customers not just because of its use of the top brands’ components. Our revolutionary shape of deck is wider than the other series. This longboard has excellent stability and its concave shape is very pleasant to ride. The deck, made of eight layers of Canadian maple, brings an awesome flex feel and versatility for either regular concrete road or pump truck riding.

Insane frog development team